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Code Management umbrellas three different divisions of service to the citizens who live within the city limits of Rogers. The divisions included are Building Inspections, Code Enforcement, and Animal Services.

Building Inspections are responsible for enforcing the building and life safety codes to protect the interest of the public. 

Code Enforcement is the City's watchdog for neighborhood nuisances, such as high grass and weeds, health hazards, dangerous buildings, illegal trash dumping, stagnant water, inoperative and or abandoned vehicles.  Code Enforcement inspects businesses for business license and sign ordinance compliance.

Animal Services is responsible for freeing the city’s streets of any animals running at large. City ordinances require that all dogs and cats three months of age or older be licensed.  These licenses run concurrent with the rabies vaccination and are available at the Rogers Animal Shelter, 2935 West Oak Street, or Rogers City Hall, 301 W. Chestnut Street.  Please bring  a current certificate of rabies vaccination with you.

301 W. Chestnut google it!
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
Code Management Personnel

James Willett

Code Enforcement:
Jeff David, Supervisor

Code Enforcement Officers: Alfredo Franco
Richard Riedesel


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