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The Building Inspection Office is responsible for enforcing the building and life safety codes to protect the interest of the public.  This department issues building permits and all applicable sub-permits for the construction of new homes, remodels/additions, new commercial buildings, commercial remodels/additions, demos, moving, tents and also reviews all commercial plans prior to building permit approval. 

We require all contractors to be licensed by the appropriate trade and must have a current City business license anywhere in the State of Arkansas.  This office also conducts Certificate of Occupancy inspections prior to new businesses opening.  This inspection must be done before you can obtain a business license.

Electrical Grounding Memo

Use of PVC Conduit





City of Rogers Building Inspections Office

301 W. Chestnut google it!
Rogers, AR 72756
Phone: (479) 621-1100
Fax:  (479) 621-1103

Hours of Operation
7:30am - 5:00pm

*Permits and Inspections are not taken after 4:30pm.

Inspections Personnel

Mike Rouse
Building Official
(479)-621-1100 ext. 206

Stephanie Feist
Administrative Assistant
(479)-621-1100 ext. 204

Sandy Heathman
Permit Clerk
(479)-621-1100 ext. 205

John Donahue
Plans Examiner/Inspector
(479)-621-1100 ext. 202

Dan Pauley
Residential Inspector
(479)-621-1100 ext. 201

Jay Duncan
Residential Inspector
(479)-621-1100 ext. 208

Doug Guild
Commercial Inspector
(479)-621-1100 ext. 207


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