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In and Around Rogers
An early 1910s silent film in the collections of the Rogers Historical Museum

The Liberty Film Company produced this silent film around 1912. It features moving images of local residents going about their daily lives, participating in downtown activities, as well as working and living in area homes and buildings. Motion pictures of this era grew in popularity and many communities supported movie houses or theaters. Often, films of this type were made and shown to attract movie-goers with the potential of seeing themselves on the flickering movie screen. Sarah Fuller of Los Angeles, California, whose family operated movie theaters in Rogers during the early twentieth century, donated this film to the University of Arkansas in the late 1970s. At that time, In and Around Rogers became part of the collections of the Rogers Historical Museum as a community resource.   **There is no sound accompanying this video.

America's Heartland
A 1950s film in the collections of the Rogers Historical Museum

In the 1950s, a group of community leaders envisioned the development of Rogers as a commercial, industrial, and recreational center in the region. Hubert Musteen, a well-known Rogers photographer, and Noel Boulware, executive director of the Rogers Chamber of Commerce, produced the film in 1954. Recognized as one of the early promotional materials of Rogers community development activities, the film captures Rogers at the moment of its great change and offers a glimpse of "the good life." Scenes of the movie highlight all that Rogers had to offer to prospective businesses, residents, and vacationers such as thriving industrial activity, picturesque homes, modern schools and hospitals, and recreational facilities.


Please let us know If you recognize people in these movies, so we can update our records about the film content.

You can contact us at or at 479-621-1154.

Terms of Use:

You are free to view these movies under the following conditions:

1. All uses of the film shall be for personal and educational use only (no commercial or other public uses).

2. No reproductions shall be permitted. Requests for additional uses, formats, or copies shall be made in writing to the assistant

3. In authorizing the viewing and/or use of a film, the Museum does not surrender its own right, title, ownership, or right to publish or to grant permission to others to do so. The Museum assumes no responsibility for infraction of copyright laws, invasion of privacy, or improper or illegal use that may arise from reproduction of the films.

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