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Uniform Division  

The Uniform Operations Division is divided into three sections and several units.  Each section is commanded by a Lieutenant.  Each section is comprised of units, which are supervised by Sergeants.  A unit in patrol is staffed with a Corporal who serves as acting Sergeant when the assigned Sergeant is unavailable and several police officers who are assigned to one of six zones.

Patrol Officers are responsible for responding to all calls for service received at the police department.  These officers conduct the initial investigation of nearly all crimes reported to the Rogers Police Department.  They are also responsible for enforcing traffic laws, identifying and dealing with hazardous and dangerous conditions within the city, conducting general patrol in an effort to deter crime, assisting other units and divisions within the department.

Traffic Officers are responsible for traffic enforcement, investigating motor vehicle collisions, assisting in special events, and providing escorts for memorial services.

The Rogers Police Department has a K-9 unit. The unit's canines are trained and certified in narcotics detection, tracking, and article searches, as well as suspect apprehension and handler protection.  These dogs and their handlers have proven to be a valuable asset to the department, being instrumental in the seizure of narcotics on numerous occasions, as well as being responsible for the apprehension of several suspects.

Patrol officers are assigned to bicycle patrol as needed. These officers ride in two man teams and have been enormously successful in interrupting crimes in progress. Bicycle officers are also more easily accessible to citizens and typically are able to have much more face-to-face, personal contact with the public.


The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program currently consists of six sworn officers working within the school system, under the direct supervision of the Rogers Police Department.  The SRO's provide security during many school functions throughout the year.  The SRO Unit routinely assists with special community events and during the summer they conduct bicycle patrols.  The officers resume assigned patrol duties when schools is not in session.


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